Tous Les Jours Cafe in Winter Park, Florida

Tous Les Jours Cafe - In Winter Park Florida.
Tous Les Jours Cafe – In Winter Park Florida.

A favorite activity over the summer of mine in Chicago, was to visit a local bubble tea shop and the nearby Tous Les Jours with some of my friends in the evening. I thought I would never get to have those delightful French-Asian pastries again, but it turns out there are not one but two locations in the Orlando area.

Over the weekend, my boyfriend and I visited the Winter Park location, and I was met with the same warm and cozy feeling of the bakery. All the available pastries are laid out in little displays with placards clearly detailing what the pastry is, its ingredients, and any common allergens that are in the pastry. The pastries offered are baked fresh every day, hence the name Tous Les Jours, every day in French.

We put our pastries on the trays provided with tongs and brought them up to be rung up alongside our drinks of choice, an iced strawberry latte and an iced honey lavender latte, before sitting down at the seating inside the bakery. The small fake potted shrubs on each table spell out “love.”

Tous Les Jours offers both sweet and savory pastries. Some of the savory options we had included kimchi croquette, curry croquette, purple sweet potato loaf, ham and cheese pastry, and garlic and basil block. Some of the sweet pastries we had included chocolate cream cornet pie, sweet potato pie, and sweet rice donut. Since the pastries are not made with preservatives, they only have a 36-hour refrigerated shelf life.

The pastries are incredibly fresh, the flaky pastries have a good crisp to them, and there’s a pastry for everyone. From the tried-and-true croissants and macaroons to red bean-filled pastries and more Asian-influenced pastries like the above-mentioned sweet potato pie.

Tous Les Jours offers a quaint and cozy space to enjoy some freshly baked pastries alongside some deliciously brewed coffee. On top of having ready-to-eat pastries and drinks, Tous Les Jours offers cakes, catering, and amazing bread. I already mentioned sweet potato milk bread, but some of their most popular bread happens to be milk bread, and I can see why. After the Tous Les Jours visit, I had some of the remaining sweet potato milk bread as toast with some butter on it for breakfast, and it tasted just as great as it did the day before.

All in all, Tous Les Jours is a great option for a quick run-in to grab a pastry or two before moving along with the rest of your day or to have a quiet moment to sit down, relax, and enjoy some pastries and coffee. This French-Asian bakery is definitely one to check out if you haven’t yet.

There are two locations in the Orlando area. Click here for the contact info Winter Park and Orlando.

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