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The first state trail of its kind in the United States, the Florida Coast-to-Coast Trail (C2C) aims to connect Florida’s Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean via continuous paved multi-use trails across the state. More than 80 percent of the project has already been completed. It will cover approximately 250 miles. Residents and visitors will be able to explore Central Florida on foot or by bicycle along the trail that runs between St. Petersburg and Titusville. The East Central Regional Rail Trail runs along this corridor for most of its 51 miles, making it the longest single rail-trail corridor the Office of Greenways and Trails has ever acquired. Several existing multi-use trails will be connected to the trail, which will be managed by various communities and agencies.

Here in Central Florida, we have the West Orange Trail, which is not just a great outdoor recreation attraction but also a significant part of the local economy.

The South Lake trail in Clermont and the intersecting Hancock trail are also known as the South Lake Trail System, which links the Florida Coast to Coast Trail. Characterized by exceptionally scenic views along the lakes, rolling hills, and open vistas, making it very popular with road bikers and cyclists alike. The trail connects with the West Orange Trail to create 36 miles of continuous Central Florida biking through Lake and Orange Counties. Clermont, at the midpoint of the Coast to Coast Trail, is a designated Florida Trail Town.

Running between Clermont and Groveland as part of closing gaps in the Coast2Coast Trail development, a 3.5-mile trail extension was opened a few years ago. This extension along CR561 and 565A incorporates two bridges and the Lake Hiawatha Preserve Trailhead, with parking, restrooms, picnic areas, and a pier. The trail continues to the West Lake Minneola Trailhead and Clermont Waterfront Park. The central part, the Minneola Scenic Trail, runs through Clermont along Lake Minneola through Clermont Waterfront Park. From Waterfront Park to Minneola, you can enjoy a shaded ride with streetlights and the underpass at US 27. The trail runs next to Old Highway 50, which in this section includes the highest elevation of any rail trail in the state. The trail connects to the Hancock Trail before crossing N. Hancock Rd. From N. Hancock Rd to CR 455, the trail flattens, aligning itself with Old Highway 50. From here, there is a 1.5-mile section west of Killarney Station that connects to the West Orange Trail.

It is expected that this development will bring countless benefits to Central Florida’s economy, tourism, recreation, and quality of life. Connecting neighborhoods, businesses, parks, and trails promotes an active lifestyle and local economic growth. This is an exciting opportunity for our communities.

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